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Natural Sciences
in Archaeology

Petr Pokorný

PF 2024

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Volume VII (2016)

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Interdisciplinary Research of the Migration Period Cemetery at Prague-Zličín, Czech Republic
Jiří Vávra
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(1): 003–010, 2016. Published: September 7, 2016
Archaeological anthropology

The IANSA Journal’s Thematic Variety – a Mirror of the Current Movements in Archaeology
Jaromír Beneš, Ondřej Mlejnek
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(2): 153-154, 2016. Published: December 28, 2016


Paleopathological, Trichological and Paleoparasitological Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains from the Migration Period Cemetery Prague-Zličín
Lenka Vargová, Ladislava Horáčková, Marcela Horáková, Hana Eliášová, Eva Myšková, Oleg Ditrich
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(1): 013–032, 2016. Published: October 28, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.1.1
Archaeological anthropology

An Investigation of Dental Health in the Migration Period: A Case Study from Prague-Zličín, Czech Republic
Ivana Jarošová
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(1): 033–054, 2016. Published: August 25, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.1.2
Archaeological anthropology

Buccal Dental Microwear of a Barbarian Population from Prague-Zličín – a Study of the Migration Period in the Czech Republic
Ivana Jarošová, Jiří Vávra, Jaroslav Jiřík, Marcela Horáková
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(1): 055–070, 2016. Published: August 21, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.1.3
Archaeological anthropology

Dog Burial and Animal Bone Remains from the Human Graves in Prague-Zličín
Hana Nohálová, Jiří Vávra, Milan Kuchařík
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(1): 071–086, 2016. Published: November 22, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.1.4

Unrecognized Taphonomy as a Problem of Identification and the Scale of Contamination of Archaeobotanical Assemblages – the Example of Prague – Zličín Migration Period Burial Ground
Tereza Šálková, Alena Dohnalová, Jan Novák, Tomáš Hiltscher, Jaroslav Jiřík, Jiří Vávra
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(1): 087–110, 2016. Published: November 29, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.1.5

The Early-Merovingian Cemetery in München-Perlach (Bavaria) - Analysing Skeletal Morphology, Health and Disease and Strontium Isotope Ratios
Kristin von Heyking, Stephanie Zintl
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(1): 111–121, 2016. Published: September 10, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.1.6
Archaeological anthropology

Living at the Outskirts of the Roman Empire after the Fall. A Study of 5th Century Bavarian Burials
Michaela Harbeck, Silvia Codreanu-Windauer, George McGlynn, Ramona Müller, Jochen Haberstroh
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(1): 123–135, 2016. Published: September 29, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.1.7
Archaeological anthropology

Variation of Ba/Ca and Sr/Ca Response in Human Hard Tissue from Archaeological Series
Anna Pankowska, David Milde, Jana Bohunská
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(2): 157-167, 2016. Published: December 23, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.2.1
Archaeological anthropology

Negative Effects of Late Bronze Age Human Activity on Modern Soils and Landscapes, a Case-study on the Muradymovo Settlement, Urals, Russia
Alexandra Golyeva, Olga Khokhlova, Nikolai Shcherbakov, Iia Shuteleva
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(2): 169-178, 2016. Published: December 28, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.2.2
Alluvial geoarchaeology

Greco-Italic Amphorae from the Punta Romana Shipwreck (Sardinia – Italy)
Loredana Carratoni, Martina Iezzi, Constantino Meucci
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(2): 179-187, 2016. Published: December 28, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.2.3

Kernel Weights of Triticum, Hordeum, Avena, Secale and Panicum Species can be used for Better Estimation of Importance of Different Cereal Species in Archaeobotanical Assemblages
Michal Hejcman, Lukáš Hlísnikovský, Pavla Hejcmanová, Tereza Šálková, Jaromír Beneš
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(2): 189-196, 2016. Published: December 28, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.2.4

Traces of Dissection on Human Skeletal Remains of the First Half of 19th Century from Ostrava, Czech Republic
Michal Živný, Zbyněk Moravec
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(2): 197-205, 2016. Published: December 28, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.2.5
Archaeological anthropology

Thematic Reviews

Space Matters: A Reflection on Archaeological Theory and Method for Interpreting the Materiality of Space
Monika Baumanová
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(2): 209-216, 2016. Published: December 28, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.2.6
Cultural landscape evolution

Book Reviews

Review - Kuijt, I., Quinn, C. P., Cooney, G. (Eds.) 2014: Transformation by fire. The Archaeology of Cremation in Cultural Context.
Anna Pankowská
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(2): 219-220, 2016. Published: December 22, 2016
Archaeological anthropology


Rescuing the Past – Preventive Archaeology and Archeoenviromental Services, Labrys o.p.s., Czech Republic
Milan Kuchařík
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(1): 143–147, 2016. Published: November 23, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.1.8

Archaeological Centre Olomouc – Institutional History
Jaroslav Peška, Lukáš Šín
Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica 7(2): 223-228, 2016. Published: December 28, 2016
DOI: 10.24916/iansa.2016.2.7